on our way [zeleneč, czech]

Today marks our first night out the country, officially, finally. We crossed into the Czech Republic this parked at a truck stop, CZafternoon and promptly got waved over to the side and asked for our documents and whether we’re transporting anything. Listening to the officers speak in Czech was strange – my first impulse was to tell them I didn’t understand but once their sentences settled into my brain I realized I understood everything. So I’m still actually unsure as to whether they were speaking Czech and I understood the context or if they were speaking Polish with a strong Czech accent. My bet is on the latter. Continue reading on our way [zeleneč, czech]

the sixth month: no regrets [gdansk, poland]

I’ve been gone for 6 months. It feels like no time at all, and yet a long time.

planes, trains and automobiles boardgameI miss silly things like vanilla Activia and flax seed pitas from Costco. I miss intangible things like the familiar sound of the skytrain, my routine, and feeling like I belong. I’ve learned not to miss the proximity to my family, but I miss their energy; I miss their positivity, their insights and their inherent understanding of almost everything I am. Continue reading the sixth month: no regrets [gdansk, poland]

they say admitting is the first step, so… [gdansk, poland]

i have to be honest. i’ve been grappling over this blogging thing for a while now. rule number one is to figure out your purpose before you start writing, and i could’ve sworn i did but apparently i didn’t.

and so i struggle almost daily to come up with a piece that’s professional enough and yet ‘katism’ enough and yet informative but still literary enough that i panic and can’t write anything. i don’t want this to be a blog where i tell you what i had for breakfast (unless it’s an experience), or that i’m bored (doesn’t happen), or every little thought that flutters through my mind because i have my journal for that (and let me tell you, with all the post cards, pamphlets and scraps i’ve got in there, that thing’s a work of art). Continue reading they say admitting is the first step, so… [gdansk, poland]