Where I Went Wrong in Being a Blogger

After almost seven months away, I’m finally back – online, that is.

What happened?

Toronto happened. And I love that Toronto happened. Toronto dazzled me with its motivation and its inspiration and its giving me everything I went there to get, like the tools to keep up with social media, finding my niche, meeting fantastic people, and never running out of content.

The problem was that I expected to use my new found inspiration and knowledge and advice and tools to blog passionately – my posts focused, niched, poised and clever, written with a voice that’s really me, causing my brand to rise to fame, my Facebook page Liked and my tweets RT’ed to new heights of popularity.

What actually happened was that I put so much pressure on myself that I stopped enjoying myself. I over-analyzed every sentence I typed to the point that I couldn’t write anything. I would search the interwebs endlessly for things to “share” so I would seem useful to an audience I admired instead of sharing things that I found interesting and letting my own niche audience slowly build.

I had gone about it the wrong way.

So what did I do? I panicked and went into avoidance mode. I couldn’t look at my blog because it actually physically hurt to look at it. After all the work I put in to it, I felt awful, and so ashamed just leaving it to hang on its own like a neglected puppy.

I needed to focus on ‘life’ for a while. I stopped panicking about not being a full time successful blogger and got a temp job like I had planned to as backup. Life became a bit more routine and I could focus on what I actually enjoyed: writing. Continue reading Where I Went Wrong in Being a Blogger