Next Adventure: Africa!!

It’s true!!

More family weddings means Poland again this summer. But you know where Poland is? In Europe. And you know where Europe is? Pretty damn close to Asia and Africa and the Middle East that’s where.

Yup, Charlie and I are less than T- ½ YEAR to AFRICA, which roughly translates to more or less 160 days until I achieve one of my biggest life dreams. True story.

We got the library books. We started the savings fund. We pored over maps and contemplated all the adventures we could possibly have. We weighed those against our excitement quota,  narrowed it down based on safety, money and time, and then ordered our own books to mark up and pore over in detail.

Well, the guidebooks are here and the planning starts NOW!! I’ll have more details, like our Itinerary-To-Be, closer to the date, so stay tuned. Till then, EXCITED!!

Have any of you been to Africa? Thoughts? Recommendations? Advice? Let me know below!

A New Take on Travels (and an Ode to an Author)

Before anyone knew it existed, before it became what it is today, a website under the name of “katism” began what I wanted so badly to be my little piece of interwebs real estate.

Don’t judge – one of the later editions of the katism site

It was going to hold all the things near and dear to me:

  • my global travel write ups – “Seat 8A” is one of the first posts I ever wrote and is still up on the site (albeit no longer with photos);
  • my creative conquests as I called them, where the site would partially act as a portfolio of my photography, poster designs, drum performances, acting auditions, client websites, etc;
  • and one more category, one more topic that I was keen to write on and made me happy, but that I quickly dropped in favor of the more focused global travels approach when I left Canada to take on the world.

Ironically, some of you may have read the posts I wrote upon returning on finding it difficult to write, knowing I wasn’t quite going in the right direction, as happy as I should be in the process, but not sure what to do about it.

Through a lot of soul searching that included family, friends, google, and a Traditional Chinese and Energetic Medicine practitioner (but most successfully just her), I realized that  I needed to start writing about the thing I meant to write about in the first place:

that dropped category that was always part of my life.  A sort of new take on travel, or if you prefer, an expanded view. Travels that happen not only globally, but also on the inside.

Confused? In the preface of his autobiography, Travels, Michael Crichton writes,

“I have also included experience in the realms that are sometimes called […] spiritual. I think of this as inner travel, to complement the outer travel…”

That was my missing category: Inner Travels. Crichton’s curiosity to experience the world unabashedly took him not only from country to country but also from aura readings to spoon bending.
My curiosity has always demanded the same though I have not been as brave to divulge and have far to go to research the world as he did.

The truth? I feel like a liar – telling everyone that I’d be writing about scooter rides in Vietnam or the top five things to see in Shanghai, and instead writing about Mongolian massages and struggling with religion.

Of course, I have written about scooter rides in Vietnam and many of my ideas will stem from my global  adventures (like meditating in Cambodia to Gangnam Style), so it won’t be a big change, only a shift in lenses through which I explain the world.

But I feel vulnerable, vulnerable to show this part of me to a world that’s met me. Will you judge me? Will you not want to read me?