Traveling Africa: Backpack, Motorbike or 4WD?

One of the logistics issues Charlie and I have come across in planning our Africa adventure is: how do we get around? We know we want to travel independent – no multi-country group tours for us – but how that’ll happen is still left to be decided.

Here are our options:


Mercedes G500 {}
Mercedes G500…a bit out of our price range… {}

The ideal option is renting or buying a 4WD somewhere in South Africa: driving ourselves would give us the ultimate freedom to go wherever we want, whenever we want. It would also mean a good chance of recovering most if not all of the money we put into the purchase when we sell it.

But even so, an expensive purchase could be enough of a dent in our budget to cost us precious traveling time. Not to mention the stress of purchasing practically sight unseen. And what if we couldn’t sell it afterwards? Renting would ease that worry, but renting can add up in costs as well, and often comes with limitations. Continue reading Traveling Africa: Backpack, Motorbike or 4WD?