Esto es Mexico - wall in the main plaza, Sayulita, Mexico

A Typical Day in Sayulita, Mexico

10:30am – Wake up real slow from a most delicious sleep, and throw open the shutters. Savor the view of the sun shining on the ocean for a few moments before grabbing a quick wake-me-up beer and throwing on some shorts, a tee and flip flops and heading out for breakfast.

11:00am – Take the 20 minute jungle path down into town walking right past Playa de los Muertos and through the cemetery before reaching the beginning of the beach.

los muertos cemetary

11:30am – Choose between quick and fresh ChocoBanana or full and mouthwatering Rollie’s for lunch and pick Rollie’s. Enjoy the famous stuffed french toast, and nod enthusiatically when Rollie offers to buy you a pancake. Ignore the scrappy dog looking thing that comes around. Do not ignore the guitar player, Antonio del Toro, that comes around. Request “Ti Voglio Bene Assai,” sit back and savor the moment.

12:30pm – Look through the market and consider purchasing some organic coffee, herbs or a few sarongs. Stop by the liquor store to pick up some tequila to make margaritas/a sixpack of Pacifico beer/a bottle of red.
the beginning of the beach, villa amor in the background

1:00pm – Sign up for a fishing safari with Captain Pablo out to the Islas Maritas/take a surfing lesson with Pepe Le Pew further down the beach/plop down on a beach chair and wait for someone from Captain Cook’s to come by with a menu/walk along the beach towards Villa Amor for a sweaty trek back to Casa Pacifica.

playing with hermit crabs

1:30pm – Grab a swim suit and a towel and head down to the nearly private Playa Carricitos. Suntan/swim and try to study some Spanish/find some hermit crabs until you’ve had enough sun for the week.

4:30pm – Cool off with a quick shower and grab a beer. Plop down on the patio to relax, read, write, catch up on some emails or just chat for a couple hours. Watch the sun slowly melt into the ocean before getting ready for dinner out.

8:00pm – Arrive in town just in time for a late dinner and contemplate between Café Sayulita’s Chile Rellenos and El Costeno’s fish ceviche. Settle instead on Tacorriendo for a lighter dinner and nibble on some chicken, beef and cow tongue tacos before heading back to the plaza.


8:30pm – Find a seat at Restauant Carmelita in the main plaza to enjoy some chips and 2 for 65pesos margaritas/mojitos and listen to the band playing next door at the Rubber Duck Pub. Ignore the greyhound that comes around.

10:00pm – Grab an ice cream at the plaza before entering the darkness of the cemetary to begin the jungle trek back to Casa Pacifica. Good thing you remembered your headlamps. Sing songs to pass the time and keep an eye out for that tricky first right that looks like it’s a dead end.

11:00pm – Get home and make some margaritas/pop open a can of Pacifico/uncork a bottle of red and take a seat out on the patio, staring out onto the no longer visible ocean or the night sky and discuss philosophy/the day’s adventures/your latest book.

1:00am – Hop in to bed and pass out giddily buzzed and gleefully exhausted.

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