throne in the palatine

alright, i could get into this: palazzo pitti

I wasn’t expecting much and as I clung onto Giacomo around the first few corners, which only held exhibitions, I feared my expectations of pure boredom were coming to fruition. But then the boy started spewing knowledge and as soon as I was handed a smartphone to take notes with (I never forgot mine again), I was hooked.

It was amazing. This was the Palazzo Pitti, the one main event I absolutely had to see because it would blow my mind. I think what blew my mind more was the fact that I was actually enjoying myself, and for the three hours we were there, as I followed Giacomo around like a studious puppy dog, I was learning about art, history and mythology and loved it all:

The symbols in Rubens’ Consequences of War with Mars and Venus, and the histories of the Medici family with the dukes painted into ceilings, assimilating themselves into the myths of the Gods. The legends of Zeus’ love affairs, Prometheus’ fire-stealing ways, and Hercules’ ten tasks, the statue of Venus in the Venere room and her “bestowed” perfection, and of course, the story of Paris handing Venus the golden apple, choosing her as the most beautiful. And the Muses! Oh the nine muses who I vowed to learn by name.

Did it blow my mind? Not in and of itself, not in the moment, but despite my exhaustia, and relief upon completion, I knew it was officially the first time in my life where I wasn’t bored in a museum. So many things I didn’t know about, things I could get interested in…hmmm, maybe there was something there…

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