and no, i’m not giving you any more details [roma, italy]

Just a quickie because I didn’t go inside, but if I did, Palazzo Spada would probably be my favourite of Borromini’s works (and we all know by now how partial I am to Bernini’s dimples and his anything-goes demeanor).

I couldn’t quite imagine what my guidebook was talking about when it said that thanks to Borromini’s optical illusion, the gallery looks longer than it is…but then I saw it’s architecture, all mathematically equated, sketched out on a sign in front of the Palazzo. And then I saw what it would look like had I been right inside on an image on another sign. And it was amazing.

It would likely be even more amazing in real life, so you should go and check it out. Heck, you should at least go and check out the poster.

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