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ChocoBanana: Yummy & Cheap Breakfast Cafe

A little review because I couldn’t help myself…

chocobanana off the main plaza
Chocobanana off the main plaza

If you’re in the mood for a light snack instead of a hearty breakfast in the morning, I strongly suggest you head to Sayulita’s main plaza to the yellow cafe on the corner called ChocoBanana, as it serves some of the best and cheapest mix’n’match breakfasts around.

The place is usually packed with both tourists and locals enjoying everything from breakfast burritos under the canopy roof to coffee and muffins at the counter that runs the perimeter of the cafe (this is also where the locals sit with their laptops open and their headphones on). Sit wherever you find a seat and one of their servers, usually a local, will come up with the menus.

frappuccinos at chocobanana
Frappuccinos at Chocobanana

Everything is very well priced so go big or go little because a mixture of tortillas, beans, scrambled eggs and veggies can all be had for under $6. The staff, from my experience, speaks fairly decent English, so you shouldn’t have any problems ordering, but the menus are both in English and Spanish, so you could always try your hand at learning a few new words, too.

Bonus: Some restaurants give mints,  at ChocoBanana you get Chupa Chups lollipops. AND, for those that like to sit and work in coffee shops – free wifi.

Went for: A cheap, good breakfast place.
Will come back for: A cheap, pick-and-choose, not-overly-stuffed breakfast. And a lollipop. AND their whole shtick is chocolate covered bananas (hence the name), so I’ll have to try one of those when I go back, too.

Main Plaza #1991

the interior of chocobanana
The interior of Chocobanana

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