Europe 2014 Itinerary-To-Be

It seems you can never spend too much time in Europe, and having the excuse of seeing family that lives there is extremely convenient.

That said, there’s still a few places close to home that I haven’t had the opportunity to visit thoroughly, so this time we’ll be spending a little bit more time in the cities we barely touched on before.

Berlin, Germany

Brandenburg Gate by Night
Brandenburg Gate by Night by Stacey Cavanagh

Our first stop is Berlin. I’ve backpacked through here fairly quickly before (took a bus, saw the wall, got a postcard), but most of my knowledge of the city lies in the airports that are so often used as easy access in and out of Poland. This time, I’ve got my darling friend from SEA on the ground and she’ll  introduce us to the arts and culture of Berlin, which is apparently extraordinary.

Krakow, Poland

Twin Towers
St. Mary’s Basilica, Kraków, Poland by Eric The Fish

The excuse of for the whole trip is another family wedding in the south of Poland, where we’ll go next, but a few hours away is the infamous tourist city of Krakow. We opted out of visiting when we came through here two years ago due to time restraints, and I’ve been kicking myself for doing so ever since. The charm of an old city and a history I don’t know too much about…I am not leaving this country without finally witnessing Krakow and its historical monuments for myself.

Treviso, Italy

Treviso by Christine und Hagen Graf

Up in the north, not too far from Venice, and even closer to Charlie’s family’s town, is the quaint town of Treviso. We were here two years ago for a night out on the town but this time we’ll be taking a bit longer to explore: in a town that’s the birth place of Tiramisu – there’s a lot of eating that will have to be done!

And after that – Africa! But until then, expect fun facts and tidbits on these lovely cities – it’s always nice to visit somewhere a second time, but it’ll be particularly insightful to have locals in all these places! Exciting!!

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