directions to playa escondida

How to Get to Playa Escondida Barefoot

Well, Moreno and I had the grand idea of ‘going all out’ one night during our time in Sayulita, Mexico, and we kept hearing about a restaurant just outside of town (1.5 kms) called Playa Escondida (meaning ‘Hidden Beach’ – something we didn’t know until we couldn’t find it).

The restaurant was part of a private jungle-beach hideaway resort of the same name and so was only reachable via the highway by local taxis (because non-locals, or locals who weren’t taxi drivers, didn’t stand a chance). Alternatively, we were told, we could get there by following the beach just over the rocks at Playa Carricitos.

That’s when Moreno and I had the grand idea of following the beach just over the rocks at Playa Carricitos. (See map below. For story, keep reading).

directions to playa escondida

…So, when I say rocks, I mean boulders.

The flip flops went flying. Dresses got hiked, sleeves were rolled and hands got dirty. But not too dirty. Most rocks only called for simple traversing, a few required lunge-steps, but some, well, those demanded near full body scrambles. So kind of dirty.

After more traipsing than I actually recall, we made it over the boulders and arrived on the next beach. Technically, this was already the actual ‘playa’ of Playa Escondida, but you’d never know it. With no restaurant in sight, we stomped on up the hill (the beach was on a slant, you see), passed a few random lounge chairs under a brush canopy, and finally stumbled onto something of an earthy resort.

We were saved!

me & charlie at playa escondida

Looking like crazy people that have just come out of the bush (which, in a way we were), we straightened up, dusted off, put our flip flops back on, and entered the inside of the outdoor restaurant.

It was a perfect evening – us behaving like proper lady and gentleman, Playa Escondida delivering what a night going ‘all out’ should entail (bill included) – all that was left was the trek home.

Well, the flip flops went flying again, the ocean was rising. Moreno had some grand idea and blinded me with his headlamp. He’s scaling boulders; I’m falling over myself laughing. Every beach is a hidden beach when it’s pitch black outside, and now we were on the way back to ours.

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