I cooked steak today!

…ish. But I did it!

It was my turn to make dinner and all we had was red meat. Now, I’ve never prepared red meat before. Like, ever. As in, the closest I’ve ever gotten to cooking red meat was throwing a Calgary Stampede burger on a bonfire. And ok, I’m sure I fried up a bit of bacon before. But that’s it.

I mean I’ve prepared other meat dishes. I can make you delicious salmon, red snapper, even sole, which, let’s face it, is completely tasteless. I’ve been known to whip up some good chicken here and there though I don’t eat it that often, and my spicy prawn dishes have been to die for.

But never carne rossa.

It haunted me. It poked fun at me in its giant frozen clump way.

“You’ll never defrost me on time.” It taunted. “By the time you do, my meat will be tough. Your roommate won’t be able to eat it. He’ll think you can’t cook.” Shut up stupid bovine clump.

And ok, so I realized a little too late that there were knives sharp enough to cut the thing into smaller pieces so that I didn’t actually have to wait as long as I did for it to defrost. And yes, I really shouldn’t have put the thing on a pan first even though that’s what my Italian roommate/house owner guy did when he had taught me. And sure, it was a little bland because there’s only so much pepe nero you can put on something before you need steak seasoning…but I did it!

And it was actually really good. And my roasted potatoes are now also to die for. I admit that when the leftovers eventually got cold, the steak did become so wretchedly chewy that I really couldn’t bite through it. But by then we had eaten so I retain my success. AND, bonus, I’m no longer terrified of making red meat.


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