en route to montecatini alto

this isn’t a food blog but…[montecatini]

en route to montecatini alto
Montecatini Alto

I can’t help but try the pizza here everywhere I go (this time I ordered one called the Positano: pomidoro, fiori di latte, prosciutto cotto and porcini – “the most important mushroom”) and today I also got to learn the story of “how pizza came to be.”

Starting out as a pita (meaning “press”) in Greece, the pizza slowly evolved into a dough pie sprinkled with oil and herbs and cheese. Pizza as we know it today originated in Naples in 1889 when a baker named Rafaello Esposito made a special pie for the coming of Queen Margherita that featured the colours of Italy: green basil, white fiori di latte (a cheap mozzarella) and red tomato. That was the first pizza ever made and was consequently called Pizza Margherita.

Another fun fact: While we might be used to having our slices with mozza cheese, fiori di latte is used almost exclusively throughout Italy, and, due to its sweeter nature, is also a very popular ice cream flavour!

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