the people that made it amazing

lessons learned [rome, italy]

  • That I can be myself, and the people that matter will love me regardless.
  • That I don’t have to take it personally and can let it go if someone is not in a positive head space.
  • That my red pants are awesome and that I want more convertible clothing.
  • That I can learn and retain – I’m not a lost cause – and that if context is all I need then my travels will forever allow me to learn and evolve.
  • That REM days are important amidst those filled with learnage in order for me to fully appreciate them.
  • That I am adaptable – something I knew but seem to expand on with every journey I make.
  • That purses suck for traveling.
  • That good walking shoes are mandatory but I’ll be damned if they’re not adorable.
  • That it is important to be open to various experiences because while I might not always appreciate conventional art, there is more often than not a gem hidden along the way – a priceless painting, a free tour, or a mass in my native tongue 60 feet below the ground in some Roman catacombs.
  • That while I personally appreciate balance (the Libra that I am), that there is something to a life of complete virtue, morality and temperance.
  • That maybe one day I will be fully moral, abstaining from my whimsical impulses, but for now as long as I strive for grace as I have been, always bettering myself, I will be striving for the epitome of my ideal.
  • That religion, history, and mythology are all stories we tell ourselves for the context of our lives, and that ultimately it is how we treat ourselves and others that matters.
  • That a lot of new age stuff from Buddhism, yoga and meditations I know can be adapted straight from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations from 170AD, and it makes me think that our whole civilization got lost somewhere along the way… Hopefully now we are finding our way back.

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