mind. blown. again.

Last year, my uncle, newly passionate about astronomy, blew my mind. He showed me the size of the universe, the galaxies, what’s out there and it was so completely uncomprehendable I was practically rendered speechless.

Yesterday, the telescope came out again. I saw Venus reflecting so brightly that I almost had to shield my eyes, Jupiter with its rings and its four moons – brilliant, how spherical the moon really is and the craters lining its face. And that’s when I learned why we see the moon’s phases the way we do.

How are we not taught this in school?

Apparently this whole time what I thought was the cause is what’s better known as a lunar eclipse. Incorrect. It has nothing to do with the earth blocking the sun and thus casting a shadow on the moon. I feel dumb. I now have detailed scribbles in my journal outlining the different positions of the moon and the sun in relation to the earth and what effect each position has but I’ll be damned if I can explain it to anyone in turn. Mind = blown. Again.


Want another fun fact? This one’s about stars.

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