Musings of the English language

Being amidst all these languages, I think I decided that the Canadian and American accents (and they are accents) of the English language are probably the most lazy sounding and unrefined: I say the word “glass” and I feel uncultured. The British have the posh thing down, the Ozzies have this fluent thing happening and even the Irish and the Scottish put their own spin on it. But we just neutralize the thing – there’s no melody, no contrast, our vowels are splayed out like flat tires and our consonants have no bite. My heart still leaps at hearing the occasional ‘non-accented’ English while walking through tourist areas in Tuscany, but truth be told I’ve started speaking like I don’t know how to speak just to liven things up.

Fun fact: The brits, for the term “all right” would always say “all correct.” They shortened the term to “a.c.” to make things easier, but the americans took it all wrong and instead of an ‘a’, misheard an ‘o’, and for ‘correct’, used a ‘k’, and that is why, everyone, we have “okay.”