parked at a truck stop, CZ

on our way [zeleneč, czech]

Today marks our first night out the country, officially, finally. We crossed into the Czech Republic this parked at a truck stop, CZafternoon and promptly got waved over to the side and asked for our documents and whether we’re transporting anything. Listening to the officers speak in Czech was strange – my first impulse was to tell them I didn’t understand but once their sentences settled into my brain I realized I understood everything. So I’m still actually unsure as to whether they were speaking Czech and I understood the context or if they were speaking Polish with a strong Czech accent. My bet is on the latter.

First impression? Good quality stuff here, though we’re not sure about the exchange rate just yet. And ‘dzien dobry,’ ‘dziekuje’ and ‘cztery’ have gotten me far enough already so I’m pleased. Tonight we eat parówki and sleep at a truck stop. Tomorrow: Prague!

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