Photo of the Week: My First Moto of Four

Oh I was SO excited to see my first four on a motorbike! I’ve been seeing threes everywhere up until that point, but after almost two months I wanted more, MORE!

The opportunity was finally presented to me in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where the traffic was even more of a gongshow than…well, anywhere I’ve been up until that point – babies hang off shoulders, ladies sit politely sideways, twelve people can fit in a tuk tuk for five, and a dad can drive all three sons to school on a motorbike.

Four on a moto. Phnom Penh, Cambodia. YourLocalKatThe best part of this photo is that I managed to take it.


Because two weeks later, within minutes of arriving in Kep, I saw a motorbike with six kids/teens/babies on it. SIX. But there was no way to grab a photo in time.

The worst part? Two days later I saw one of SEVEN.

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