Photo of the Week: Window Shopping in Kep Market

Kep Market is located along the main 33A road that runs through Kep, about 5 kilometers past the infamous crab market, and is essentially one of Kep’s more popular ‘malls.’

Eggs. Kep market, Cambodia - YourLocalKat

Here, you’ll be able to find clothes, albeit frilly, very colorful, one-of-a-kind, patterned ones that might actually look like pajamas or something you would not let your 15 year old wear outside of the house.

All sorts of runners wrapped in cellophane can be bought for just a couple of dollars, as can ‘therapeutic’ and regular flip flops, all for cheap. Jewellery that blings and blinds? Fake plastic purses? Wool caps to wear in the summer? You’ll find those here, too.

Clothes shopping, Kep market, Cambodia - YourLocalKatMixed in with the clothing are storage-grade shelves full of oils, pastes and condiments. In boxes and crates on the floor are packaged snacks like no-name brand cookies and candies and chips.

Oils, pastes, and condiments. Kep market, Cambodia - YourLocalKat Beside those? Cigarettes, shampoo and children’s toys, and around the corner, fresh vegetables, waffles made to order, and raw meat.

Groceries at Kep market, Cambodia - YourLocalKatMarkets in Cambodia are all fairly similar, even in the tourist towns, but in little Kep on the southern coast, all traces of typical keepsakes are gone; the most prominent souvenirs you’ll be able to find are woven string bracelets that say ‘Cambodia’ on one of the tables at the crab market. But if you want to really remember Kep, come to the market to witness the local life.

Then you can do as the locals do: grab some cold soup and then window shop.

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