In Photos: It’s All About the People

We met lots of interesting people during our two weeks in Sayulita, many of whom were expats, some of whom were tourists, others still who were long-time visitors. But we didn’t meet everyone.

Some people I only caught glimpses of. These are the characters whose stories I don’t know.

Jewellery peddler on the beach, Sayulita, Mexico

Jewellery peddler on the beach.


family on the beach

A local family gets together for an early evening picnic on the beach.


peddler at mercado

A peddler of fabric sacks at the mercado pauses just long enough for me to take a photo.

mexican cowboys

Mexican cowboys trot over the depleted Arroyo.


band at the mercado

Servers from Italian Mangia Fuoco jam at the Sunday mercado.


Tourists? Sayulita-fied locals?

Tourists? Sayulita-fied locals? Sayulita, Mexico


A peddler picks his steps over a small stream, Sayulita, Mexico

A peddler picks his step over a small stream.


In Photos: I might just love Victoria

I had passed through Victoria before, both for work and on a “tour from the passenger’s seat,” and so had always claimed that “I’ve been there,” but to be honest, this weekend was the first time that I got to truly experience it. The regality of the parliament-building filled city somehow only enhanced its port-town charm, and with temperatures just cold enough to make the air crisp and my cheeks rosy, I couldn’t help but fall in love.