Photo of the Week: Elephant Haze

We’re back in our home country, so I’m back to posting the photo of the week. From hereon in (partially as an excuse to go through more of our trip photos), I’ll also be including a tiny gallery to give you more context, or insight, or just more photos.


This week, we’re looking at elephants on the Zambezi during our canoe trip in Zambia. We managed to get pretty close to a few later on to get some sharper shots (as you can see below), but Moreno snapped the feature image of the elephants over the grass while I was afraid to even look in their direction, and I love how dreamy and hazy the photo came out.

Note: There was no colour editing done on the photos. The grays and greens always came out a bit heavier and deeper in Zambia for some reason. 

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