the view from the table at playa escondida

Playa Escondida Restaurant

Covered completely by jungle, Playa Escondida Restaurant stood part of a “private jungle-beach hideaway” resort of the same name, with the quality, and the price, to match.

the view from the table at playa escondida

On the “inside” (it was an outdoor restaurant), a swimming pool took up most of the floor space, and only a few select tables surrounded it. Charlie and I, having wanted a night where we “went all out,” sat at one facing the water, and as sunset started, lanterns began lighting up and the mood became magical.

Our server, I can’t recall if she was a local, was overtly smiley, extremely polite and had a propensity for saying, “Welcome…” every time she left our table.

She let us know the specials, gave us suggestions, and even offered to take our photo before presenting us with a meal that was both delectable on the tongue and aesthetically pleasing.

Oh, the shrimp, the fish, the fancy drinks! Lip-licking edibles were clearly the standard but the Camarones al Pastor I can personally vouch for – drool worthy: “large ocean shrimp with a red chile guajillo and achiote sauce served on a mound of steamed rice on top of a slice of fresh pineapple”…yummmm… (see photo below).

tropical shrimp brochetteWe ordered whatever dessert our server recommended knowing she wouldn’t steer us wrong, and spent the rest of the night enjoying ourselves, the allure and intimacy of our dimly lit surroundings making us feel like we were in a world of our own.

It was a perfect evening – classy, lighthearted, romantic – and Playa Escondida delivered on everything I had come to expect from a night where I “went all out.”

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