Take this road to Luderitz

Namibia is a country of ever changing landscapes. This is true especially in the south, and the road we took to get from /Ai-/Ais to Luderitz to avoid taking the highway twice, was particularly vivid.

Here’s a quick selection of photos from the six hour drive on C13:

landy on white gravel road
The beginning of the drive: white gravel, yellow bush and red rock mountains.
oasis off roading
A bit of red rock off-roading (optional; the original road is the light gray stripe in the distance), with an oasis on the Oranjemund River.
yellow dirt and red mountains
Yellow dirt and red mountains
Light dirt road by a green bushy riverbed
paved bridge
A paved bridge over a dry riverbed
gray mountains
White gravel, white sand, gray mountains
tar road
And we have tar! And road lines! And some gravel hills.
flat cement
Flatland. Nothing but flat, flat land with forbidden territory on both sides (diamonds on the left, protected reservation on the right).
The sands
The desert begins and sand whips over the road.
abandoned house
The dunes and desert begins, at times revealing abandoned cars and houses.
And then we were on the moon...
And then we were on the moon…

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