the eleventh month: the whole reason I left in the first place [bangkok, thailand]

The eleventh month took me from the end of a big 2012 to a big 2013 start.

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End of 2012

My 2012 was big – if only because I finally did what I’ve been talking about for years and actually left to travel.

And after a year of exploring ten different countries, December ended with Christmas with the family like I had wanted for about twenty years. It never ceases to surprise me how good it feels to have people around that know me and accept me and love me no matter what, no matter when, and no matter how crazy they think traveling southeast Asia solo is. Thank you all for everything.

My Solo Southeast So Far

yourlocalkat at railay beach west, thailandI started the year off big by landing in Bangkok just before New Year’s, but it actually took me about a week to settle into the solo thing. Everyone kept saying that I’ll meet so many people everywhere that I got really down when I didn’t already have a whole posse of friends leaving the airport in Gdansk.

Being solo was different – it was hard because it was effort: There was no one to help me decide where to go next, no one to come up with cool things to do, no one to walk home with me in the dark because I forgot to buy water during the day… Silly things, but they were all on me and I knew that that was the very reason I left in the first place: to realize I could do it.

From that moment on it’s been little lessons everyday, little things that teach me how to make the next experience easier on myself, and by the time I got to Railay I was much more relaxed, open, and trusting of myself to actually be able to enjoy the things I was experiencing – kind of important.

About Blogging in Bungalows

blogging in a bungalow, koh lanta, thailandI’m trying really hard to be consistent. It was easy enough when I was in a beach bungalow with nothing else to do, but the self-inflicted rockclimbing-kayaking-scuba diving bootcamp I put myself through the past two weeks made staying connected nearly impossible.

That said, my goal to start a monthly newsletter will come to pass as soon as my twelfth month update is out of the way, but you can start subscribing now!

Subscribers are sort of like Facebook Fans but for websites and are the only real way (for all those fancy statistics) to give someone a standing in the internet world: it basically shows that there are real people interested in what I have to say.

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And Coming Up…

After New Year’s in Bangkok, relaxing on Koh Lanta, rockclimbing in Railay and scuba diving on Koh Tao, I am back in Bangkok ready to head north to Chiang Mai and then through to Laos.

As for my one city, one beach, one extra plan? Epic fail so far.

Do I regret it? Not even a bit!

Till next time (and please subscribe!),


P.S. Tynia, Piotr, Asia, Artur, Ola – żyję ;)

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