little burned scorpion

The Moments I’ll Remember Most from Sayulita

The things I’ll never forget, and always think of when Sayulita comes to mind. (Click on the links to read the full story!)

  1. Trekking the jungle forest trail everyday in and out of town. Whether I loved it, hated it, was scared of it, or embraced it, I will never ever forget it.
  2. Jumping in the back of a pickup truck when offered a ride into town on our walk through the jungle at night.
  3. Very calmly letting Charlie know that I was pretty sure there was a scorpion in the bathroom while I was on the toilet in the middle of the night. And him promptly running in and slapping it to death with a flip-flop.
  4. Getting swept under a 2-meter wave that crashed down like the fountains at the Bellagio and genuinely fearing for my life.
  5. Rollie asking, Would you like a pancake? I’ll buy you one.
  6. Standing up on the surfboard on my second try and riding till I stopped. And upon surfacing immediately having my bottoms pulled down by a wave.
  7. Getting choked-up at cantante Alberto del Toro playing a rendition of “O Sole Mio” at our table at Rollie’s at Night.
  8. little burned scorpionNonchalantly mentioning to Charlie that there was a scorpion by my chair after his warning that there was one in the shower. And him promptly running out with a lighter and some spray and blow torching it to death. (Photo).
  9. Staring in disbelief at a humpback whale fully breaching less than a hundred meters from our boat.
  10. Scrambling over giant beach boulders coming back from Playa Escondida Restaurant in the dark, laughing my a** off, barefoot in a strapless dress with a headlamp on.

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