view of the beach from our campsite, near siracusa, sicily, IT

the ninth month: winding down in calm enjoyment [herceg-novi, montenegro]

Our road trip is winding down now, as are we, here in Herceg-Novi, trying to relax and enjoy each other these last couple of weeks rather than the cultures and cities we’ve immersed ourselves in over the past three months.

view of the beach from our campsite, near siracusa, sicily, ITMonth nine was probably the most enjoyable of the road trip: Sicily was a cultural paradise with its Mediterranean climate, Greek ruins and Arab-Norman architecture, and Montenegro, as a whole, with its unassuming kindness, imposing mountains and coastal towns, just never ceased to please. It was lighter on sightseeing and heavier on relaxing, and when I can be in a t-shirt mid-November, I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

But I’m still unsure about what’s happening next, the plan always being southeast Asia, but when, where, how…these are still all giant questions swimming in the rabbit hole of my mind.

And so I leave it at that: calm enjoyment – of sweet summer breezes on short winter days and vacations in late, late autumn month.

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