Mesosaurus Fossil Camp, Namibia

The Prehistoric Landscape of the Mesosaurus

The air smelled sweet, and slightly thick. There were goats baying in the distance, tiny birds squeaking like monkeys, a constant buzzing all around, but no visible insects, nothing else. Just the warm wind and trees that looked like brocolli plants in the distance.

Mesosaurus Fossil Camp, Namibia
This landscape was absolutely surreal…

It was getting late and we needed to make camp. Not wanting to go all the way into town, which would guarantee setting up in the dark, we turned into the first camp we found: Mesosaurus Fossil Camp.

The story goes that the fossils of the Mesosaurus dinosaur had been discovered here. What’s more, one whose fossils was also found in South America, supposedly corroborating the fact that the two continents were once joined.

Weird landscapes awaited us behind the goat-guarded gates...
Weird landscapes awaited us behind the goat-guarded gates…

We did not have a chance to go on a tour or learn more about the Mesosaurus as the owner was nowhere to be found. We did however get to enjoy the surrounding area, which looked completely alien with its kakorotrees Рcalled quiver trees as they were used by the natives here to make quiver arrows Рand the strange basalt rock formations, which fit together like puzzle pieces.

Rock formations
Weird puzzle piece (heavily bird-shat) rock formations

These rocks had many peeling layers to them, and almost geometric shapes. They looked almost volcanic, but interestingly enough sounded almost metallic – they gave a twang, like hitting an anvil.

geometric rocks
Improbably geometric rocks

This landscape was absolutely surreal…

It looked mind blowing just before sunset, which is when we arrived. It was one of those moments when what you’re looking at is just so complely novel, so unique from anything you’ve ever seen before, it felt like we were in another world.

The alien landscape of Mesosaurus
The alien landscape just before sunrise.


It wasn’t in any of our guidebooks,¬†we only stumbled on it because it was the only camp on the route we were on. We are so glad we did, because the hike around here, which you can probably do anyway, is absolutely worth it.

Kat standing at the Mesosaurus landscape
Standing in the Mesosaurus landscape

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