ferris wheel at piazza della repubblica

the second month: bliss, because the rest is just details [florence, italy]

Wow, two months already. As soon as March 16th hit, my life in Italy picked up significantly, first emotionally and then in every other way possible. It started with me realizing that the best thing for me to do was to go to a language school in Florence – it was an option that won four-fold: I would learn Italian, meet lots of people, be in a big city that I could wander around, and be provided with the cheapest possible accommodation for that area.

ferris wheel at piazza della repubblicaOf course things came up – some new developments with the whole EU passport thing to be specific – and I almost cracked. For the first time ever I had a front row seat to some bureaucratic BS and it sucked. That was in Poland. Then I had a conversation with immigration services fully in Italian and it was nerve-racking. That was in Italy. Then I found out some information, which is by any standard severely lacking, on traveling within the Schengen zone and my mis-information might have screwed me over:

yup, I might have to be back in Canada by May 15th

(not back in Poland by the 22nd like I originally thought). But then I talked to a lady at the Polish consulate in Rome who told me to wait and see. That was in Italy. And in Polish…It’s been a confusing couple of days.

But I was right. Attending Instituto Michelangelo was one of the best things I could’ve ever done; within my first few days I was already having the time of my life – my Italian is flourishing, my social life has exploded, I wander about the city daily and my apartment, which I share with the awesomest roommate ever, is 50m from the school. And I’m learning so much more than just the language – different cultures, architecture, politics, art, history…enjoying things I never cared about before because they are in context here and I’m thirsting for knowledge.

I feel like my world has expanded ten-fold, like I’ve already been through so much….Wow, two months…only??

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