only sandy beach we found (brna, korcula, HR)

the seventh month: in search of sunshine [grgurici, croatia]

only sandy beach we found (brna, korcula, HR)It’s a whole new way of giving up control when your durations and your locations are dictated almost entirely by the whims and tantrums of a vehicle; it’s why we stayed in Slovenia longer than intended, why we stayed in Bosnia longer than intended, and why we stayed in Croatia longer than intended. But alas. We’ve now settled on a beach to lazy around on for a couple of days and while it’s not sandy (and don’t let Croatia fool you into thinking it is), thanks to the softly rounded pastel pebbles the water’s crystal clear and turquoise and it’s as close to perfection as you can get (at least without the sand part). Bliss.

But I digress. Another month, another phase, and another travel companion. I love being back out in the world, exploring, I love that it’s in a mode of transport I have (in theory) control over, and I love that it’s with someone that knows me from “back home.” In a way, I’ve been looking forward to this since before I left.

But of course it’s more learning. Learning to be with someone after getting used to being in a (10,000 km) long distance relationship. Learning about different countries, their cultures and their wars. Learning that (fun fact) Croatia does not have anywhere near as many sandy beaches as we were expecting. And learning that, despite health care complaints and high gas prices, with all the ethnic and religious conflicts going on in the world, Canada probably is one of the best places to live after all.

And so I continue, onwards and southwards in search of sunshine. A few more entries on the travels will follow but for now a cold beer and the warm Adriatic await.

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