the tenth month: clarity, volume and what’s up next [gdansk, poland]

The tenth month – Nov. 14thish to Dec. 15thish – was arrivals and departures, euphoria and sadness, uncertainty and excitement and a severe lack of sleep.


When I left in February, it was to explore the world for at least a year, hopefully for five, and ideally forever. I was going to seek out odd jobs or TEFL, and get a career started with travel writing.

So…apparently I don’t actually like seeking out odd jobs, and due to lame excuses (like my disconfidence in marketing myself – see below), my travel writing didn’t happen either. With no cash coming in and my southeast Asia trip a month away, I told myself ‘it’s okay’ if I come home next March/April, just to take the pressure off of having to find a teaching job in Korea.

Well, as soon as I accepted this fact, I actually got really excited to go home.


So, what did I do? I panicked. Did this mean I was a failure? That I was weak? Would this be the decision that hurls me towards a life of regret and resentment?

Well, in a word: no, no and no.

Because the only thing I was ever sure I wanted was a life of travel.

I’m always either traveling or preparing for it. So, I might go home but I’m not going anywhere.


That said, drum roll please…. I’m finally booked for Southeast Asia!!! And I want to see everything, EVERYTHING!!

I know quality beats quantity for richer experiences and less transportation costs so I’m trying to stick to one city, one beach and maybe one ‘other’ escapade for each country, but I’m a glutton for experience so I can’t imagine that’ll fare well.

The plan, which I fully expect to change on a daily basis: I land in BKK in time for New Year’s and spend the month in Thailand. Then move on to Cambodia for February. Laos in March. Then Vietnam in April.

And whenever it’s almost time to come home fund-wise, I’ll put away the beaches and hill tribe villages and jet off to sexy Shanghai (is Shanghai sexy? I don’t know. Jess?) to meet up with my ever awesomest roomie from Florence. Excited!!

Blog Changes

A lot of Laptop and a Lot of Tea

To learn from my mistakes regarding the lack of cash flow due to lack of effort, I’ve been doing a lot of backend learning and updating this month – SEO, branding, categorizing – and it was a whole lot of time to reflect: I’ve been on the road for 10 months – where are the blog posts I have to show for it? Lacking an interwebs connection or the necessary time is not a viable excuse. Both were present at least half the time, and I should’ve done better. I expected better.

But! I’m newly inspired and with my new knowledge in mind, I have two goals:

  1. Market myself!!!! For a business marketing major, I suck at this stuff when it comes to me. Well, no more. I’m going to become a lot more confident in promoting my stuff. Expect that.
  2. Because of the chasm between ‘potential’ and ‘ability’ that all creatives must bridge, I’ve been convinced to churn out posts like all hell’s breaking loose. Instead of working on each one for hours on end to try to make it perfect, I’m going to go through a hectic, probably bumpy, ride of pumping out volumes of prose because besides time, it’s the only way to catch up and close that gap. You’ve been warned.


Here’s the yourlocalkat facebook page. It’s in the infancy stages, but I’m committed. Give it a look, and a Like!

And expect posts. Lots of them. Full of curiosity and passion, if not also insights and info.

And if you don’t hear from me for a week, call me on it.


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