they say admitting is the first step, so… [gdansk, poland]

i have to be honest. i’ve been grappling over this blogging thing for a while now. rule number one is to figure out your purpose before you start writing, and i could’ve sworn i did but apparently i didn’t.

and so i struggle almost daily to come up with a piece that’s professional enough and yet ‘katism’ enough and yet informative but still literary enough that i panic and can’t write anything. i don’t want this to be a blog where i tell you what i had for breakfast (unless it’s an experience), or that i’m bored (doesn’t happen), or every little thought that flutters through my mind because i have my journal for that (and let me tell you, with all the post cards, pamphlets and scraps i’ve got in there, that thing’s a work of art).

but i can’t just make everything a showpiece i’d like to send in to a magazine, partially because i know i need to write a liiiiiiitle bit more before i hit that caliber (and we can all imagine the caliber my sights are set on), and partially because sometimes i just want to get off my chest that i’m scared. or sad. or exhausted. or that i’m omfg exhilirated beyond belief. or that i don’t know.

i can’t quite find the balance between sharing personal stuff and posting more proper writing and it’s making me just sit there in silence. i was given the link to which is essentially the travels of a tall smiley woman from poland. and her writing is…well, it’s her travel rambles, but they don’t feel like rambles because she is straight up paraphrasing half the things i’ve said, written or felt on my travels so far. it’s not too personal – she’s just being honest about where she’s at. she’s just writing.

maybe i should just…write…

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