First Impressions: Tel Aviv, Israel

Flight into Ben Gurion, Tel Aviv, Israel - YourLocalKat
Wishes for a happy flight.

It likely didn’t help that I looked radically different from my passport photo.

Or that I was coming in on a Canadian passport but called Poland home.

But it must have been my nonchalant answer of how long I’ve actually known him that really threw them off.
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Getting the first ups & downs out of the way [london]

My trip officially started on the 14th, when I began what was my most economical option of flying to Pisa – a 36 hour journey with a 21.5 hour stopover in London. I toyed with the idea of getting some cheap hotel for the night but opted instead to do the “vagabond” thing and spend the night hanging out at the airport.

Well, fun fact: they don’t just let you “hang out” at the airport in Heathrow.

Exiting out of Arrivals (instead of going to “Connecting Flights”), I tried to explain to security in Departures that I should be inside by the gates because I just came off a flight. He insisted that “Connecting Flights” wouldn’t have let me in anyway because my flight was the next day, and would’ve sent me back to security – where I was. Continue reading Getting the first ups & downs out of the way [london]