In Photos: Views from the Santa Maria del Fiore

Two of my favourite shots – both from the top of the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral in Florence – are almost as good as gone.

At the beginning of my first trip with a proper DSLR in hand, I was so intent on keeping on top of my photos – going through them, organizing them, deleting the clearly unusable ones – that I got a bit ‘delete’ happy. I’d not only delete the photos that didn’t have the composition or subject I cared for at the moment, but I also deleted the originals (so much facepalm) after I edited and saved the photos I wanted to post.

Hence the filter coated lower quality version of the feature image above and the Campagnile (bell tower) below. Here’s a look back at them along with some other images from above.

Photo of the Week: Zambian Roadside Phone Snaps

This week’s mini gallery features some of my favourite snaps from Zambia which are also unfortunately some of the lower quality ones as they were snapped with my phone out the passenger side window.

Either way, they paint a mini portrait of the landscape and the reality of the country – giant shade trees, dwellings that range from brick to thatch, dirt roads, poverty, and sometimes being able to take some time to chat while selling your wares at the road side market.


Photo of the Week: Elephant Haze

We’re back in our home country, so I’m back to posting the photo of the week. From hereon in (partially as an excuse to go through more of our trip photos), I’ll also be including a tiny gallery to give you more context, or insight, or just more photos.


This week, we’re looking at elephants on the Zambezi during our canoe trip in Zambia. We managed to get pretty close to a few later on to get some sharper shots (as you can see below), but Moreno snapped the feature image of the elephants over the grass while I was afraid to even look in their direction, and I love how dreamy and hazy the photo came out.

Note: There was no colour editing done on the photos. The grays and greens always came out a bit heavier and deeper in Zambia for some reason.