First Impressions: Iceland

I’m outside and everything is fresh. I know this is good. I know I need this.

A deep breath brings the chilled air inside. It’s supposed to be raining most of the time I’m here, which I’m prepared for but it’s cold enough standing at the airport that I decide on double layers of pants and thick socks immediately.

On the shuttle into town I take in the landscape.

Just moss covered black rock. Gray. The nice kind of cozy gray you want to stay at home and cuddle during. Almost completely flat.

The whole country seems to be under construction. The airport surrounded by walls, the land full of closed roads, disturbed dug up black earth.

It is windy. There’s almost no trees in sight and the flatness is exaggerated. Wind rips through the land with nothing to stop it but whips freely past the tops of the mountains far away, too. It’s rare to feel sheltered.

The nature here is raw, but it is stunning because of it.