Take this road to Luderitz

Namibia is a country of ever changing landscapes. This is true especially in the south, and the road we took to get from /Ai-/Ais to Luderitz to avoid taking the highway twice, was particularly vivid.

Here’s a quick selection of photos from the six hour drive on C13:

landy on white gravel road
The beginning of the drive: white gravel, yellow bush and red rock mountains.
oasis off roading
A bit of red rock off-roading (optional; the original road is the light gray stripe in the distance), with an oasis on the Oranjemund River.
yellow dirt and red mountains
Yellow dirt and red mountains
Light dirt road by a green bushy riverbed
paved bridge
A paved bridge over a dry riverbed
gray mountains
White gravel, white sand, gray mountains
tar road
And we have tar! And road lines! And some gravel hills.
flat cement
Flatland. Nothing but flat, flat land with forbidden territory on both sides (diamonds on the left, protected reservation on the right).
The sands
The desert begins and sand whips over the road.
abandoned house
The dunes and desert begins, at times revealing abandoned cars and houses.
And then we were on the moon...
And then we were on the moon…

Photo of the Week: Boys on the Mekong

The Mekong River is a source of life for everyone that lives within its reach. On Si Phan Don, the Four Thousand Islands in the very south of Laos, the locals would join the tourists on the river. Unlike the tourists, the locals were there to fish, and everyone, even the children would do their part.

Boys on boat on Mekong at sunset, Don Det, Laos
Everyone comes out to help at sunset.

I’m in love with this photo – new desktop wallpaper!

Photo of the Week: Mekong Tubing at Sunset

River tubing is a favourite backpacker pastime in southeast Asia, and most travellers will do so at least once on a visit to the area.

I opted out at the more notorious Vang Vieng, but celebrated my one year travel anniversary by taking in the sunset on the Mekong on Don Det, one of the Four Thousand Islands in Laos.

Backpackers sunset tubing on the Mekong, Dont Det, Laos
Mekong tubing – a quintessential backpacker activity.

Most of the island joined me.

Photo of the Week: Just Another Waterfall in Laos

Just a sweltering 45 minute bike ride away from the guest houses in the Si Phan Don islands in Laos, is southeast Asia’s largest waterfall by volume. Millions of liters of water per second are said to cascade down the Khon Phapheng Waterfalls, with the highest flow recorded being 49,000,000 litres. 

Si Phan Don Waterfalls, Don Det, Laos
This is what millions of litres of water per second looks like.

Aren’t the colours surreal? No editing on this one!