jumping in vernazza, cinque terre

the third month: climbing till i can fly again [gdansk, poland]

jumping in vernazza, cinque terreThree months? It feels just like yesterday that I wrote my second month update…

Florence finished with a bang and I know I made friends there that I will stay in contact with for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful and amazed at their kindness, their generosity, their willingness to wait with me at the station and play football with an empty Fanta bottle when my ride was an hour late and they should’ve long ago been asleep. For the laughs, lessons and vino rosso we shared, I love you all.

My bureaucratic passport hell finally wound down after over a month, the process of which I wouldn’t wish on anyone. But the universe is always ready with another opportunity for me to apply what I’ve learned, and the calmness with which I handled myself was admittedly unprecedented. And now, back once more in the motherland, my “zameldowanie” is completed, the application for my national i.d. successful, and help seems to be readily available as if sent from the heavens – hiking trails and camper vans are up for grabs and only a degree away.

So things are looking up, though as I write this I feel slightly ungrounded – I’m floating about with no concrete plans, just a brainstorm here and there, wanting but not having to do anything. And I can’t quite relax – I’m in the “administrative” part of the trip, and I can’t get over the feeling that it’s like a trek up the rollercoaster, slowly climbing until I can fly again. But I am happily planning my journey to Rome in just a few days with the previously mentioned best roommate evar, and Sir Giacomo to whom I am eternally grateful. I’m already learning, already thirsting for that knowledge. Maybe Rome will help me fly again?