reflection at st.peter's

update: wait, what month am i on?? [gdansk, poland]

No seriously, is this my fourth month update? Well, then…

reflection at st.peter's

Rome was amazing – it’s not the last I’ve seen of Italy, but it was the perfect ending to the four months there that I had to “get through” and I came back feeling more uplifted and more grateful than ever.

Now I’m back in Gdansk and I’ve settled into a routine – I got my nightime unlimited internet (god i miss wifi), the nightly euro games (mi dispiache italia: que viva españa!), and planning for my roadtrip with charlie (cuz charlie’s coming!!!) But my biggest happiness comes from my bike ride to the gym everyday. I love being back on the bike, and I’m not necessarily a gym rat, but after five months, I swear you’ve never seen someone so happy to do a smith squat.

So that’s that. I feel good. Life is good. Fourth month? Success.

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