Week 7: A Break and a Break-In

Written Sunday, October 12.

We are currently just outside Etosha, Namibia’s famous national park, and very much enjoying the first rain we’ve seen since we’ve been here. It’s so refreshing, and the lightning storm is something else.

We’re staying at a campsite where you can see cheetahs (did you know they meow like kittens??), as well as leopards and brown hyenas. As the latter two have been entirely elusive for us so far, it’s a bit of a bonus before we head on a night drive at Etosha tomorrow.

A Break…

We didn’t do too much sightseeing or touring in the past week. It was probably the longest pause we had taken since we left Johannesburg. As mentioned in Week 6, we found a free campsite with free wifi and took it as sign to relax for a couple of days while catching up on writing and hanging out with Brian, the Londoner we had met in Opuwo.

And a Break-In

Tuesday we were going to set off nice and early to go to Windhoek, the capital, to get some errands done. Unfortunately, as some of you may have read on Facebook, that was the night our campsite neighbours had their camper broken into and no one really slept after that. It really made us a lot more cautious than we had been, and when we did finally leave for Windhoek a bit later than intended, we were newly organized with some game plans for securing our belongings.

But it wasn’t that easy. As the day wore on, a delayed fear set in and we started to get really paranoid (culminating with me in tears because I didn’t want to die yet). Truth? It’s exhausting to travel and fear for your life. It didn’t help that Windhoek had a reputation for being unsafe either. I realized we had to stop replaying the events over and over in our minds and get back to the (somewhat saner) place in our heads that we were just after the break-in happened: learning what we could from it, but knowing we were safe. Regardless, it was another sleepless night.


Luckily, Windhoek was a pleasant surprise and most of our errands went off without too many snags. The main thing was a small administrative oversight – most of the countries we want to go through from hereon in require passports to have a 6-month validity….Moreno’s didn’t. So, new passport applied for, delicious breakfast (oh how I missed avocado!) devoured, Land Rover parts found, and Brian’s timing belt picked up (he, too, was having vehicle troubles and couldn’t actually leave the campsite). Then there was a new pillow purchased (true story: I had been sleeping on my fleece for the past month) and new books gotten from Uncle Spike’s Book Exchange. And, a car wash! Success!

And Back…

Then it was back to Kamanjab for another few days of nothing (and to celebrate Brian’s birthday) before our first day in Etosha. Verdict so far? Great! We saw 11 different species at one waterhole!! (Note: Elephants terrify all of them). Tomorrow we stay inside the park and have a chance to see the watering hole at night.

No idea where we’ll be this time next week, but I’ll be turning 30!! :D

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2 thoughts on “Week 7: A Break and a Break-In”

  1. Hi Kat!

    It’s Denise … sitting here in a windowless office while it’s grey and raining outside reading about your adventures. Every day is a new adventure up here on the mountain! *kidding*

    Enjoy the rest of your journey. Sorry to hear about the break in but glad to hear that you guys are safe.


    1. Thanks Denise…The break in definitely took some getting over, but we’re not going to let it ruin the trip. And you’d be surprised how often we miss the Vancouver rain! :P

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