When she held up the bag of cucumbers sans label, I just shook my head confused [larciano, italy]

Fun fact: when you go to a grocery store or supermercato here, you have to print out little scan labels for fruits and veggies by yourself. None of this ‘the cashier knows every 5-digit number corresponding to every type of everything’ stuff.

Every bin of tomatoes, apples, you name it (except mushrooms, which come sealed in little packages) will have a tablet featuring the price and the ‘key’ number that corresponds to it.

You take your zucchinis, put them in a little plastic bag (with a little plastic glove), put them on a fancy computer scale, choose ‘vegetable’, press the number/image ‘key’ that matches your particular ‘green’ and a label sticker complete with product name, weight and bar code gets printed out.

…If I had done this, I may have realized that the zucchinis I was buying were actually cucumbers…

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