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Where I Went Wrong in Being a Blogger

After almost seven months away, I’m finally back – online, that is.

What happened?

Toronto happened. And I love that Toronto happened. Toronto dazzled me with its motivation and its inspiration and its giving me everything I went there to get, like the tools to keep up with social media, finding my niche, meeting fantastic people, and never running out of content.

The problem was that I expected to use my new found inspiration and knowledge and advice and tools to blog passionately – my posts focused, niched, poised and clever, written with a voice that’s really me, causing my brand to rise to fame, my Facebook page Liked and my tweets RT’ed to new heights of popularity.

What actually happened was that I put so much pressure on myself that I stopped enjoying myself. I over-analyzed every sentence I typed to the point that I couldn’t write anything. I would search the interwebs endlessly for things to “share” so I would seem useful to an audience I admired instead of sharing things that I found interesting and letting my own niche audience slowly build.

I had gone about it the wrong way.

So what did I do? I panicked and went into avoidance mode. I couldn’t look at my blog because it actually physically hurt to look at it. After all the work I put in to it, I felt awful, and so ashamed just leaving it to hang on its own like a neglected puppy.

I needed to focus on ‘life’ for a while. I stopped panicking about not being a full time successful blogger and got a temp job like I had planned to as backup. Life became a bit more routine and I could focus on what I actually enjoyed: writing.

Where to go from here?

Blogging was supposed to be a platform for my creativity, and I got distracted somewhere along the way. So I’m back. My two goals?

  1. Get back to basics and concentrate on my writing, not my blogging. And focus on what’s going on in my world – upcoming adventures (T-8 months!), projects I’m working on (NaNoWriMo and then some) and other creative things of note (peut être en français).
  2. I’ve said this before, and it’s worth to say it again: Because of the chasm between ‘potential’ and ‘ability’ that all creatives must bridge, I’ve been convinced to churn out posts like all hell’s breaking loose. Instead of working on each one for hours on end to try to make it perfect, I’m going to go through a hectic, probably bumpy, ride of pumping out volumes of prose because besides time, it’s the only way to catch up and close that gap. You’ve been warned.

Barring any emergencies, that should help avoid any more of this:

Rainbow Bars - YourLocalKat
That’s all I was getting on this station….

4 thoughts on “Where I Went Wrong in Being a Blogger”

  1. Thanks for this honest post Kat. I’ve been feeling the same and I think when you start looking at your blog as a business, you can forget the real reason why you began blogging in the first place. Just stay true to your voice and keep on blogging in your own unique style :)

    1. Thanks Lisa. It’s comforting to know someone can relate – I think it’s so easy to see everyone else’s blogs as successful and start concentrating on everything but writing to get there! Staying true to your voice, and why you started, is definitely good advice :)

  2. Keep on living indeed and your writting will be just as enthousiastic as you are! No matter how long it takes I’ll wait for your new articles for it feeds my wanderlust reading you.
    Ps: your new homepage is amazing!

    1. Haha, it sounds obvious when you put it that way! You’re very sweet Clotilde. And thanks so much for reading – it’s definitely motivating for me. We should exchange stories on Vietnam sometimes! :)

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