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As much as I am not a fan of chain letters, I have to admit I like these ‘spread the love and pass on the blog-post torch’ things. I really like the opportunity to step back from the actual writing to reflect on how and why we do it, or on what it’s all about.

Katie Coakley of Katie on the Map who I did an interview about TBEX with invited me to join in on the Writing Process Blog Tour as a way to explore why we’re all writing. There are four questions to answer before I pass on said torch. I’m always up for a bit of insight, so if you want to know what my writing process is all about, read on!

1. What am I working on?

My current focus on the blog is rolling out as many Israel posts as I can from my time there as well as prepping for our upcoming trip to Europe and Africa at the beginning of August – packing lists, itineraries, updates…things I’ve wanted to do for all my trips but never got around to doing. There’s also going to be a big change happening to the site in the next couple of weeks, but I won’t get into just yet.

The bigger thing is trying to get over this block I have for sending things out to try to get published. Writing a travel column for a newspaper or magazine would probably be a dream job and I’m slowly wrapping my mind around doing something about it.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My answer from the Liebster Awards was “Stories versus service pieces. Design. Magic. And fun facts.” I still stand by that theory – some of my favourite posts fit that exact description, but it’s been hard for me to interject it into my posts throughout, largely because I’ve been struggling with this whole idea of a “niche.”

3. Why do I write what I do?

When I travel, I understand the world a little bit more. I understand why some people do the things they do and maybe why they are the way they are. At least, I am a witness to it. And writing is the medium through which I relate, understand, and absorb all my experiences. It is also the way I share; I’m not sure if my many journals will turn into advice, guides, or stories, but something is propelling me to disseminate what I’ve learned.

4. How does your writing process work?

When it comes to my travel writing, I almost always write in my journal first. I know that it’d be a lot more efficient typing these out from the get-go, but I’m old school. When it’s time to sit down and write, I flip through and take a paragraph, a scene, or a moment and then flesh it out with details as necessary.

The whole process will usually take forever unless I can sit down with a cup of coffee either bright and early in the morning or long after it’s gotten dark and eliminate all other distractions except for maybe some static or ambient noise tracks (they exist!). I basically work best when I can zone in – I can’t be half watching television.

Next up on the Writing Process Blog Tour

To continue the tour, check out the following bloggers next week:

Sara introduced me to the Liebster Awards a few months back, and I wanted to make sure to return the favour. Sara spent two years on a solo backpacking trip, worked in Sydney, and traveled home through Asia and Europe. She blogs about all kinds of travel, from backpacking to luxury. Sara travels as often as she can and shares the stories through her site, SaraHardmanTravels.

I met Jenny on one of my TBEX tours in Toronto.  Her blog, Idiosyncratic Journeys, is primarily focused on world travel and sharing broad insightful information, recommendations and suggestions about worldwide locations on any subject. The website also shares art, as well as other ‘idiosyncratic’ philosophical and other insightful and intuitive knowledge from experience about the world we live in and some cases even beyond that; which of course all will be related to world travel ‘in the long run.’

You can check out their answers next week!

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