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YourLocalKat: Bound to go Anywhere

I mentioned in the Writing Process Blog Tour post that there are some website changes afoot. This might not seem like a big deal as I often like to distract myself with website redesigns when I get hit with writer’s block, but, this is something a bit bigger than that, as it will essentially change the face of YourLocalKat forever…

Blogging in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Blogging as YourLocalKat from Siem Reap, Cambodia

…mostly because it will wipe it from existence.

Yup. As of next week, YourLocalKat will no longer exist. In its place, however, will be something better.

Enter Charlie

Some of you may have seen Charlie mentioned a few times. Charlie and I have been together for a few years now, and have done a bunch of smaller trips together (weekend tripsvacations to Mexico), as well as our three month road trip in the Little Red Gypsy through Italy, eastern Europe and the Balkans.

Camping outside of Prague, Czech Republic
First stop in the Little Red Gypsy: camping outside of Prague, Czech Republic

We both want travel as a lifestyle, and our Africa trip is the first one that we’re officially planning, packing and saving for together.

A bit about Charlie

The first thing you should know (since he no longer requires anonymity), is that his name is not Charlie, but Moreno.

The second thing you should know is that Moreno’s done some extensive traveling himself, the most notable of which was his 13 month road trip through South America, during which he himself had a website as well.

Moreno handling snakes in Venezuela.
Moreno handling snakes in Venezuela.

Moreno wanted to get in on the blogging, and as we realized it’d be ridiculous to be posting nearly identical entries on two different sites, we decided to evolve YourLocalKat into a site for both of us instead.

Anywhere Bound

In a couple of days, this will turn into AnywhereBound, the website where we’ll be posting anything and everything about our Europe and Africa adventures.

Ironically, there won’t be too many structural changes – it will literally be this site evolved, with just a quick colour swap and some minor things moved around to fit both of our needs.

I’ll also be updating the About Page, so you’ll be able to read more about Moreno, as well some of our trips.

Camping. Somewhere in northern Poland.
Camping. Somewhere in northern Poland.

What you can expect

I’ve learned from my mistake of not writing consistently on the road while in SEA, and am more determined than ever to journal online as I go. With both of us in the game, that split responsibility will relieve the pressure I put on myself to try to make everything so perfect that it doesn’t get done at all.  So huzzah! for more stories, entries, photos and information! 

Also, Moreno is much more social media prone than I – he’s very good at posting, sharing and asking questions, so there will likely be more communication on that front.

As for content, Moreno will bring with himself more technical knowledge than I can offer, as well as a deeper interest in native cultures. He’s into photography as well (his macro architecture shots are fantastic), so hopefully we’ll have more inspiration coming your way in photos as well.

Moreno fixing a suspicious flat tire. Slovenija.
Putting his knowledge to good use: fixing a suspicious flat tire in a parking lot in Slovenija.

What this means

  • For now, I’ll have yourlocalkat.com routed to anywherebound.com, but eventually I’ll close off that link so please bookmark anywherebound.com accordingly.
  • If you are subscribed to the newsletter, you will stay subscribed.
  • If you are following the yourlocalkat facebook page, please follow the AnywhereBound facebook page.
  • If you are following yourlocalkat on twitter, please follow AnywhereBound.

It’s that simple! We will update you on any other changes as they come up.

That’s about it for now. Thanks for following along so far, and we’re looking forward to having you along on the trip!

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